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 Kathi MacNaughton

Dance yourself into shape through the joy of Zumba!


If you've attended one of my classes, I'd love it if you'd leave me a testimonial! That will help new and prospective students to decide if they want to try one of my classes. Please provide as much information as you can about what you liked and why.


Quotes What a game changer when I started Zumba two years ago. I could barely walk due to back problems. Within a couple of months of dancing I started seeing a big difference in my strength, mobility and balance. It has been a blessing. Kathi is such a great instructor. Always full of energy, new ideas, compassionate and funny. The friendship we have developed within our class is wonderful. I look forward to class every week. We love you Kathi and hope you never quit teaching Zumba!!! Quotes
Nancy Brown

Quotes Hi Kathi & prospective ZG-ers; When I started Zumba Gold in January, you told me I'd "love it." Every couple of weeks you'd ask me if I loved it yet--I went from "I'm doing it" to "I 'like' it" to "I really like it." Well Kathi, I DO love it now! Thanks for offering Zumba Gold. My health care providers send their thanks along as well. Quotes
Karen C

Quotes I have recently joined Zumba gold classes with Kathi and am having a fantastic time!! Kathi is a great instructor; always full of passion, fun and lots of enthusiasm. Mistakes and "not knowing what you are doing" are absolutely no problem whatsoever. Her classes are judgment free and lots of fun, as well as a great work out. The environment is always warm and caring. Try it for yourself, I'm quite sure you will be hooked, just like I am! Quotes
sylvia Ytreberg
Satisfied senior citizen