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 Kathi MacNaughton

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What's New?


I moved from Boise, Idaho to Durango, Colorado about 15 months ago and had to start my Zumba teaching career from scratch. I left behind students I loved and that loved me, so it was a hard transition.

After a 6 month hiatus to get settled into our new tiny house in our new town, I launched a new Zumba Gold class. Unfortunately, it didn't work out too well. Being new in town and not the best marketer, I never could get off the ground in terms of attracting enough students to make a go of the class, so I went on hiatus once again in August.

But now, I'm ready to give it another try! I'll be launching a new class on Monday, October 30th at the Edgemont Highlands neighborhood, hoping to attract a following up in the woods north of Durango. This'll be Zumba Gold and a class suitable for just about anyone. I'd love to have you try out my class... first time is FREE... so it's no risk! I'll also be subbing the various Zumba classes at the Rec Center, so if you're a member there, you might run into me there as well.

See you soon!